Our Mission

    Formulation of policies and laying down procedures for day to day administration and functioning of the Waqfs. Ensuring that the provisions of the Waqf Act, 1995 amended as 2013, Uttarakhand Waqf Rules, 2017 and all other accepted standards and norms and other important enactments / Government orders are to be followed by all Muthwallies / Managing Committees in matters relating to the administration of the Waqfs. Formulating / implementing various programmes aimed at achieving the goal of the Waqf Board. Improvements in the better administration of Waqfs in the State of Uttarakhand. Promoting Citizen-friendly and Citizen-centric administration in the Waqf Board. Innovations in Control, Superintendence and supervision of Waqfs in the State. To fulfill the Mansha-e-Wakif. Documentation and dissemination of best practices. Implementing provisions of the Right to Information Act, 2005 for bringing more transparency in public affairs. Lay emphasis on development of Waqf properties.